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English (Ms Shu Ling)

You never know what expression you may get when you enter a classroom; eager, excited, uninterested, bored or rebellious. Shuffling feet and chairs. Settling in, with bated breath. An ice-breaker in the form of an English game or an informative video.

The day’s lesson goes into full swing from there. Papers shuffled. Sometimes, an exclamation of triumph is heard from the student when s/he spots the elusive word in the puzzle. Hands raised. Questions asked. And answered. To the best ability on either side of course.

Break time. The student, and teacher gets up for a stretch or a quick washroom break. A vocabulary word game keeps the momentum going, and stimulates the student’s interest. You don’t just learn English during worksheet time.

The lesson delivery of a Youclass English teacher is very personalised. We deliver our lesson’s content in that span of 2 hours and whilst staying focussed on that, we adapt to changes on the spot based on the student’s learning needs. And yes, we also deal with the classroom management issues, all in 2 hours. I think when i chose to do what i chose to do, I did not expect the ride I would be in for.

But my passion in teaching English, and students, has not waned. I never know what the day, or the lesson will bring. On top of all that, staying upgraded and in sync with all the current syllabuses is key. Sometimes you can call an English teacher an octopus. We juggle, and we are always in the midst of something - teaching, building rapport, gamesmaster, soothing a child, interacting, lesson planning. But it’s always fulfilling.

You can’t stop once you start.

6 June 2018
4:00 PM

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