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Primary Mathematics (Mr Wei Xun)

The Mathematics course is designed to help students become familiar with the fundamentals of mathematics and to identify different question types that may appear for each topic. Mathematics is a fluid subject which requires flexibility in thinking, speed of thought and logical thought processes. Our mathematics courses will focus on brushing up these skills vital to tackling the examinations using interactive and engaging methods.

Core Skills:
1. Flexibility in thinking
  • There are definite answers in Mathematics, however, there are always multiple methods to getting the right answer.
  • There are various ways to get the correct answer to each question. We encourage students to voice out their methods and evaluate the merits of each method.
  • Students will become more flexible in the way they tackle questions and not be fixated on memorising steps in tackling a specific question type.
2. Speed of thought
  • Primary school examinations focus not only on concept understanding but speed of thinking and processing as well.
  • Enhancing mental calculation and familiarity of concepts leave more time for thought intensive processes like solving heuristic based word problems.
  • We seek to enhance our students’ speed of thought and arithmetic processing through constant practise in mental calculation and administration of speed tests.
3. Logical thought processes
  • Mathematics requires logical thinking and identification of concepts that each question is trying to test.
  • Students should be able to analyze in a stepwise manner, first to identify the question type, followed by the concept being tested before drawing a suitable model for visualization then attempting to tackle the word question.
  • We encourage our students to break down every word problem and analyze each word problem step by step so they will not become overwhelmed when tackling them in examinations.

6 June 2018
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