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Chinese Cultural Studies

Levels Duration Course Overview

Primary 1 - 3

Suitable For

Students aged 6 - 9 years

15 Lessons

30 hours

The curriculum is designed according to the Ministry of Education' s latest syllabus. This course will engage in a variety of writing exer¬cises in order to help students grasp the important steps to writing a good composition. This will sharpen students' creative thinking and writing skills.

Primary 4 - 6

Suitable For

Students aged 10 - 12 years

15 Lessons

30 hours

This curriculum includes an interesting combination of the Three-character classics, Di Zi Gui ,Chinese poems, stories on Chi¬nese idioms and Chinese fables. Students will learn the knowledge of literature and cultivate excellent behaviour in their daily life. Stu¬dents will develop not only the language skills, but also interesting Chinese culture and history.

Lesson Overview Lesson Features Learning Outcomes

Over the course of the program, students will:

  • San Zi Jing (Three-character classics)
  • Di Zi Gui
  • Chinese Poems
  • Stories on Idioms
  • Chinese Fables

Students will be provided a comprehen-sive package of the following:

  • Sharing of Chinese culture
  • Chinese culture and history
  • Vivid idioms and stories
  • Teacher's feedback and worksheets
  • Certificate of completion of course

Your child will be able to:

  • Understand Chinese culture and history
  • Be influenced by traditional Chinese culture
  • Expand their knowledge on Chinese language
  • Cultivate good behavior and habits
  • Be polite and well-mannered